Add links automatically (autolink) in PHP

This saved my hide today. Well, not really, but it added a feature to a php tool I’m using, and made it quite a bit more useful.

I found it on css tricks, but modified it a bit to fit my needs. Specifically, I want to pass in a string and return the string […]

py.test from behind a firewall

I wanted to try out pytest (or py.test, I’ve heard it both ways). But I’m behind a firewall, so pip and easy_install don’t work that great. I’m also running cygwin, with several versions of python so I can test compatibility of scripts across 2.6, 2.7, and 3.2. Trial and error gets me to these steps […]

Happiness is a choice

I’ve long believed that happiness is a choice. This recent CNN article is very interesting. Is happiness the secret of success? – Some people think if you are happy, you are blind to reality. But when we research it, happiness actually raises every single business and educational outcome for the brain. How did we […]